My Story Creating an Outback Bird Garden Habitat

blue wren images






My family and I live in outback Australia on 100 acres.  It is a lifestyle block with some cleared paddocks and areas of native shrubs.  In the middle of our property lives colonies of Superb Blue Fairy Wrens (which I just love!), but they live nowhere near our home.   Here around the house they are not venturing as this area is proving too open for them, and the little birdies are too vulnerable to attack from other bigger predator birds.

I hope you can join us through this blog to enjoy the ups and down of trying to entice these little  birds towards the house by creating a perfect bird habitat.   We are especially targeting the insect eaters like the Blue Fairy Wrens.

The Blue Fairy Wrens are being pushed out of areas due to clearing of low growing native shrubs.  They are also falling prey even out in the scrub to wild cats and foxes, as they like to nest in short shrubbery.  So I’m commencing a journey,  to make  a safe happy home for them here.  I love their little antics in their little colonies, so dainty, petite and sweet.

So I am blogging a record of my venture into creating an outback bird habitat in the acres surrounding our house.  And this is my first posting.  Will keep you up to date.   By  blogging I hope to share with others what plants are working for us out here, and whether we end up successfully drawing these and other little birdies in.


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